Technical maintenance

What's that?

You don’t need to travel for simple actions on your equipment. We can carry them out for you. The Hands and Eyes service is based on a system of pre-paid intervention tokens. The tokens are non-refundable.

You can follow the entire manipulation live.

The customer acknowledges hosTELyon’s complete disclaimer of liability during H&Y interventions.

The services taken into account are (without this list being restrictive) :

  • Storage and de-storage of equipment,

  • Rack wiring: visual check, replacement

  • Visual control and status indicators (diodes, colours, numerical indicators),

  • Physical shutdown or restart of equipment,

  • Simple reception and storage of equipment with visual or quantity control,

  • De-installation of equipment or links,

  • Support.

Principle of the token book

In order to facilitate exchanges with the customer, the principle of a token book is implemented.

The customer can order a book(s) of 10, 20 or 50 tokens at any time during the term of the contract. Each gesture of proximity is associated with a number of tokens depending on the time spent, the urgency and the time slot. The number of proximity gestures is counted as they are used.

Urgent/Planned and HO/HNO Criteria

Planned interventions in WH

Planned interventions in WH result in a deduction of tokens based on the time worked..

Emergency interventions

Urgently requested (unplanned) interventions lead to a doubling of the number of tokens counted.

Planned interventions in NWH

Interventions requested in NWH result in a doubling of the number of tokens counted.

Interventions in NWH and emergencies

The interventions requested in NWH and in emergencies lead to a tripling of the number of tokens counted.

The WH/NWH criterion for the number of tokens is estimated as follows:

  • Heure de la demande pour le traitement urgent,

  • Heure de planification du début du geste de proximité pour les autres cas

Time slots :

WH : 9h-17h30 on working days. NWH : Time slots not in WH.

Some procedures requiring the presence of two people are then credited in duplicate.


For Urgent proximity gestures, the GRT is 1 hour in WH, and 2 hours in NWH.

For Planned proximity gestures, the notion of GRT does not apply: hosTELyon undertakes to carry out the proximity gesture at the agreed time slot.

For operations with synchronization constraints with the customer (e.g.: accompaniment at a fixed time, operation on equipment in liaison with the customer), hosTELyon performs the operation at the requested time (WH or NWH).

For other planned operations, hosTELyon freely performs the gesture within the half-day requested by the customer.


hosTELyon carries out the proximity gesture and makes contact with the customer during the operation if necessary.

The details of the proximity gestures performed are available in the client area with the reporting reports.

Duration of interventions

A token has a 15-minute intervention time.

Any quarter of an hour started is due.