Fondé en 2018, le Carrier Hotel hosTELyon est opérationnel avec 120 baies et 600 m² de bureaux.

Toute l’infrastructure est design Tier 3+ dès l’ouverture ; le site est en place depuis plus de 15 ans et a été entièrement modernisé en 2018.

Notre équipe dispose d’un savoir-faire reconnu dans les télécoms et l’hébergement d’infrastructures IT. 

Neutral Carrier

For us “carrier neutral” means:

  • no sale of external telecom services (connections, IP transit, telephony, etc.),
  • company not more than 50% owned by a marketplace operator (B2B, B2C or wholesale),
  • right of access to the Carrier Hotel with fiber networks and glass thru to the MMR.

We therefore voluntarily limit the scope of our intervention to the equipment and solutions implemented by our clients in order to ensure that the best experts and service companies can also find their place in our ecosystem. Thus, hosTELyon does not provide software installation services, telecom equipment configuration, backup, cloud services, messaging services, SAAS, PASS, etc.

The only IT and telecom services operated by hosTELyon are those intended for the operation of the Carrier Hotel and the pulling of fibers.

For us “carrier neutral” means:

Our clients

Our main clients are:

  • telecom operators,

  • data centers,

  • major telecom consumers,

  • IT companies with a telecom focus.

Our ecosystem

hosTELyon is also a neutral telecom market place where you can have access to all interconnection or buy/sell offers.

All the necessary services on a neutral telecom hosting center


The infrastructure is of a very high standard in terms of safety, electricity and air conditioning. It can be audited at any time by clients or prospects. Detailed diagrams of the internal infrastructure of the rooms are available on request (and under NDA).

Planned maintenance

In order to ensure the proper functioning of all elements of the Carrier Hotel, all elements are regularly checked on the basis of information provided by manufacturers and maintainers. Audits have a recurrence that can range from a one-day period to a one-year period. Planned maintenance is carried out by competent, recognized and authorized service providers or internally by hosTELyon's teams. For each intervention that may have an impact on the proper functioning of the Carrier Hotel, an alert is sent in advance to all clients potentially impacted by courier services with a reasonable delay depending on the type of foreseeable impact.

Carrier Hotel for technicians

Your employees,  subcontractors and service providers must be received in good conditions. At hosTELyon, we are committed to it and we demonstrate it!


In addition to equipment hosting solutions, hosTELyon offers work spaces in Business Continuity Plan.
These premises allow you to ensure good business continuity in secure facilities that are particularly well connected to the Internet network and your infrastructures.

With a global Green IT approach

In accordance with the recommendations of the EU Code of Conduct for Datacenter, compliance with practices:

  • Over-sizing without excess,

  • Respectful use of batteries and air conditioning

  • Invoicing carried out in electronic format,

  • Electronic signature for the acceptance of quotations,

  • Intelligent lighting,

  • Reduced travel to the site, thanks to the « Hands & Eyes ​»​ service.

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