Our work places

Work room

You can rent one of our offices to work directly on site close to your equipment and be able to operate quickly. It is often not necessary to be next to the machine to make the configurations, but being close to it is reassuring during a software intervention or upgrade or long or initial configuration.

The reservation can be made :

  • by the day,

  • by the week,

  • at the month.

In case of emergency, do not hesitate to consult us to check the availability of a workspace.

The workspace provision service gives the right of access to other spaces :

  • cafeteria (where coffee is offered)

  • meeting space

  • system printouts in the process of validation

On reservation through the customer portal/email/phone.

Integration room

Housing rooms are not work rooms. The less you stay in them, the better off you’ll be. And the same goes for the room! Also, we set up spaces for the integration of equipment. You can also use this space to test your configurations or repair faulty equipment.

You can prepare your hardware, and configure it as if it were racked in a rack with a temporary patching.

All required goodies are available in the rooms.

By reservation through the customer portal.


Meeting room

For your customers, employees, representatives, shareholders, retailers, organize a visit and / or use our equipped meeting rooms. By reservation through the customer portal.


Training room

Organize a technical training in a telecom hosting center? It is possible within hosTELyon.
By reservation through the customer portal.



Use our dedicated storage space (not your racks!) to store your configurations before installation or spare. Storage is managed by hosTELyon (input and output).



For small equipment, lockers are available. You can store your tools, spare parts, documentation or fibres. Each locker is to be locked by a padlock belonging to you. You will have to give a key to hosTELyon. Your lockers are accessible 24/7.



A cafeteria area is available 24/7 for you to eat or relax.