hosTELyon : server racks

HosTELyon offers "Racks", "½ Racks" or "¼ Racks".

  • The space inside the racks is 40, 20 and 10U respectively.
  • All equipment must be 19″ rackmountable.
  • Open front and rear doors.
  • Reservation of space is possible (limited time).

More reliability

With a DC Design Tier 3+


More proximity

With a team on site


More flexibility and scalability

With numerous on-site service providers (telecom operators, IT suppliers, LyonIX interco)


In addition to the security elements for access to the site, the structure and the hosting room: Code per rack (client) + key (hosTELyon)


  • Standard capacity: 2×2 kVA / rack. Respectively 1 kVA and 0.5 kVA for 1/2 and 1/4 racks. Extension up to 20 kVA on study (in OSM).
  • Each bay is powered by a double path from 2 TD, 2 TGBT, 2 inverters, 2 power sources.
  • Reboot sockets (2 x 8 to 20) as standard. PDU provided by hosTELyon. Customers can provide their own PDUs.
  • Grounded racks according to ISO and EMC standards, the raised floor is armed to avoid EMC and reinforced by ground plane in the room.
  • Delivery in 230 V. Delivery in 48V possible.
  • The maximum contractual power is taken from the distribution boards.


The direction of ventilation of the equipment is imposed (front/rear).

Shutters are mandatory in empty (U) spaces.


Each rack is connected by 12 FONs connected to a MMR. (Second MMR optional.)

Patching delays d+1. 4h in emergency.

FO patching is done by air.

Copper patching is performed on study (in OSM) only.

Traceability and transparency


Client Portal

Access your customer portal easily and intuitively.


Service reporting

Reporting on the operation of the service: QoS monitoring, compliance with contractual commitments.


Follow-up & Reporting

Each incident on the service provided is the subject of a Report.


Proximity reporting

Reporting on acts of proximity.

Services in the hosting rooms

  • Rolling tables with screens, tools, bins, steps, small equipment, screws, velcro, splinters, and outside the IT room: drinks and snacks.

  • Hands and Eyes.

  • STS for single-powered equipment (option).

  • Safe-deposit box.

Other possible spaces

Telecom bays in different sizes.

External black fibre arrival chambers.

Cage or private suite are realized on study (in OSM).