hosTELyon : the center

The center

  • The structure is made of reinforced concrete.

  • Surface area: 1,140 m². Land area : 3.000 m².

  • Non-Seveso country (risks of major accidents), non-floodable, no seismic risk, no air corridors, no social risk.

  • The building can be audited upon request by customers and prospects (under NDA).


  • 2 meter fence, gate and wicket door in HNO.

  • CCTV on outdoor 8 HD camera (+ infrared + outsourcing + backup).

  • Exterior lighting 80,000 Lm x 4.

  • Lightning 4 lightning rods (never impact).

  • The entire building is controlled by a CTM with unlimited backup log.

  • Security Entrance System (SAS) at the entrance, gate on the main access, Vehicle-ramming attack impossible.

  • Access control by badge zoned by indoor rooms. Log of all accesses.

  • 24x7x365 access for interveners with permanent badges + fingerprint.


  • 2 power transmission network arrivals, from 2 stations.
  • Redundancy per generator 440 kVA.
  • As soon as it opens. 4 UPS.
  • Redundant feed system (2N+1).
  • Locked electrical switchboards.

– Electrical rescue

  • If the public supply network is cut off, power is taken over by the batteries (15 minutes of autonomy at full charge), then by the generator set (immediate start).
  • Generators: 72 h min. Continuous recharging.
  • Fuel oil tank (fuel oil): 8,000 litres.
  • Inverseur Automatic load reverser, nominal/rescue.
  • Electrical recovery of 100% of the building load

– Distribution

The electrical wiring is carried out in raised floors for rack distribution. Two independent electrical feeders (2 different transformers and not on the same loop) feed two low-voltage distribution boards which supply 11 distribution boards to serve the racks.


We voluntarily limit our scope of intervention on the equipment and solutions implemented by our customers to ensure that the best experts and service companies can take their place in our ecosystem.

Thus, hosTELyon does not provide software installation services, configuration of telecom, backup equipment, cloud services, messaging, SAAS, PASS, and IASS.

The only IT and telecom services that we operate are those intended for the operation of the Carrier Hotel and the drawing of fibers, as well as proximity gestures with a ticket or request for intervention.