hosTELyon : web hosting room

The hosting room

  • Accommodation room in production for 20 years (renovated in 2018); no outside windows.

  • Tier 3+ design from opening, 2N+1 architecture to TIA942 standard. 120 racks available. Lighting: 500 lux.

  • In compliance with standards (banking, insurance, health) and telecom.

  • Raised floor: 40 cm, floor load 1T/m².

  • Aerial data and electrical cabling in raised floor.

  • All control points are controlled by the CTM.

  • Compliance with industry standards and maintenance of energy-efficient parameters.

  • 2/3 underground room: improved thermal performance. Environmental statistics.

  • Room auditable by customers and prospects under NDA.


– Access control

  • Access by encrypted badge + fingerprint.
  • 24/7/365 CCTV surveillance + outsourcing.
  • 24/7 operation, monitoring and maintenance.
  • PIW (Protection of the Isolated Worker) available and required in the event of a solo intervention.

– Fire detection/extinguishing

  • VESDA (electronic) and DI (analog) detection.
  • Inert gas extinguishing (Inergen).
  • ASHRAE TC 9.9; APSAD Q7 and R3-R4.

Safe box

A fireproof safe can be used to store valuable items or data (tapes).This service can be integrated with a local (H&E) service.


  • 2N+1 upon opening. Water detection.
  • Urbanization cold corridor 25°C in front.
  • Hygrometry: 48%.
  • Redundant air cooling towers. Cooling power: 440 KW, 6 units 60 KW + one of 80 KW.
  • Direct, redundant expansion with 2 cooling circuits and 2 compressors (Nominal/Rescue).
  • Watertight room. Firewall partitioning (2 hours).


Patching inter-racks: d+1 (h+4 in express).

External arrivals

Telecom: many fiber operators + LyonIX.

Internal distribution

Installation via double MMR.


  • On-site technical support (installation assistance),

  • Strict installation instructions,

  • Regular visit of the racks (once a month),
  • « Hands & Eyes » proximity gestures service,

  • Integration room,

  • Storage of material