Green neutral DATACENTER

  • Tier 3+ Infrastructure
  • Marketplace telecom operator
  • Workspaces in BC Management Systems
  • Environmentally friendly equipment

The operators PRESENTS

As a neutral datacenter, hosTELyon offers the possibility to choose from a wide range of telecom operators, thus ensuring multiple connectivity solutions to the datacenter.
We regularly welcome new operators to expand your connectivity and security options.

ISO Certification 27001

Algosecure has been retained to assist us in the deployment of the ISO 27001 - HDS standard

Hostelyon has initiated a certification programme aimed at obtaining ISO/IEC and HDS certification for the hosting of healthcare data.

This commitment to the quality of our service offering will open up an opportunity for innovation and constructive exchange.

Our approach is focused on customer satisfaction.

A global approach​

In accordance with the recommendations of the EU Code of Conduct for Datacenter :

Use of the batteries and the cold in an environmentally responsible way,

Invoicing carried out in electronic format,

Electronic signature used for acceptance of quotations,

Self-regulated low-energy lighting,

Reduced travel to the accommodation centre with the hosTELyon local service offer

All the necessary services on
a neutral telecom hosting center


The infrastructure is of a very high level in terms of safety, electricity and cooling unit. It can be audited at any time by customers or prospects. Detailed diagrams of the internal infrastructure of the rooms are available on request (and under NDA).


​In order to ensure that all elements of the Carrier Hotel are checked regularly according to the information provided by the manufacturers and maintainers. The checks are recurring and can last from one day to one year. Planned maintenance is carried out by competent, recognised and authorised service providers or internally by hosTELyon teams.


For each intervention that may generate an impact on the correct operation of the Carrier Hotel, an alert is sent in advance to all potentially impacted customers by courier with a reasonable delay depending on the type of incident that is foreseeable.

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