• Server hosting & co-location


    HOSTELYON is Lyon's carrier-neutral data center. HOSTELYON's highly secure premises include offices and meeting rooms that can be made available on a short, medium or long-term basis.

  • Multi-operator marketplace


    HOSTELYON hosts all your operator equipment and servers. HOSTELYON is the neutral multi-operator marketplace in Lyon.

  • Connectivity

    Ultra High Speed
    Low Latency

    Thanks to the telecom operators present on HOSTELYON, benefit from all the PREMIUM & LOW COST solutions (ultra high speed, very low latency, internet access, anti-DDOS, voice...) that you need.

Colocation services in neutral datacenter in Lyon



In the heart of Lyon and near the scientific pole of Lyon Gerland


Neutral Carrier Hotel Datacenter
independent since its foundation

Certifié ISO 27001/hds

ISO 27001-2017

(voir le certificat)

ISO 27001-2023

Neutral Carrier Hotel Datacenter
independent since its foundation

ISO 27001-hds

The HOSTELYON team will study the best offers for you.


Telecom operators
(fiber, internet, service)

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